Week 2: Sandwich Lady

This week at Emmanuel’s Table sponsored by Travinia’s Italian Kitchen, Panera Bread, and Bilo, we were able to feed 9 people on campus. As we did last week, we delivered the food we had leftover to some of our neighbors in need. We were able to go to the same place and some of the kids we met last week saw us and called out, “It’s the sandwich lady” because last week we had shared sandwiches from Firehouse Subs’ generous donation.

We shared pasta and bread this time and were amazed to see how they were sharing with their neighbors and others who they knew were in need. We were able to feed 10 kids and 3 adults who we saw although we know that the food we gave would provide 25 servings. We are thankful for the relationships we are building with our neighbors thanks to the generosity of our neighbors who have provided food.

This week we’re studying Matthew 14:13-21 and we can’t help but continue to hear Jesus’ command to his disciples:

They need not go far away; you give them something to eat.

A Week of Wonderful Work

Last week, we were busy as a fellowship. We partnered with Belmont Baptist Church in Columbia to teach their preschool class. We had a wonderful time with our 9 students making floaty boats, eating together, and learning about Jesus.



We also hosted our first Emmanuel’s Table where we were able to feed 20 people at our church and 15 more people as we extended our table to those in need. How good it has been to gather around the table (both adult-sized and preschool-sized) and welcome all kinds of people to experience God’s love.

photo (34)

Emmanuel’s Table in The State

A Feast at Emmanuel’s Table 

Beginning at noon each Wednesday, the church will be providing meals for area residents or others who might need to escape the heat, use the internet and have a meal.

Several neighboring restaurants and businesses – including FirehouseChick-fil-A and Zoe’s – are joining the effort.

We’re so glad the word is getting out!



Emmanuel’s Table Preparation


As we near the first Emmanuel’s Table, we are overwhelmed by the support we have received from our neighbors. We also checked in with the Lexington Interfaith Community Services and found out that they have seen and helped many of our neighbors. We found out that there are many churches who partner with LICS who are trying to support their neighbors by working together.

We are certainly glad to get to know partner churches who are trying to make a difference in Lexington. We know that there is one other church in Lexington who is doing a meal for the community once a month at dinner, which makes Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship the only church LICS knows of who is offering a midday weekly meal.

It’s in the strength of working as a fellowship and with our neighbors that we will be able to help others!

Emmanuel’s Table

photo (27)Emmanuel’s Table became an idea as we were fellowship over the table together. It’s so much a part of who we are to gather around a meal on Wednesday night and Sunday after church that once we started to discuss this possibility of asking others to do join in with us, it made perfect sense. It was so us.

On Wednesday nights, we share the responsibility of cooking a meal to share in before we start our Bible Study. The wonderful thing about each taking a turn is that we also get to share a little part of who we are as we share our recipes. The Harrelsons cooking bratwursts in the back of Sam’s truck brought about the conversation about Merianna’s year in Germany and Sam’s year in Austria. The BLTs the Rankins made brought about the conversation about summer meals in Batesburg/ Leesville.

Sunday lunches after church allow us the opportunity to share a meal together while supporting restaurants along in our 378 neighborhood. As we combine these two experiences of table fellowship we share each week to invite others in, we are excited to share the stories with those we meet because we know that anytime there is good food around the table, stories start to circulate.


Emmanuel’s Table



We’re excited to share that we are launching a new outreach program called Emmanuel’s Table! We are opening the doors of our church each Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. beginning July 23 setting our tables with white table clothes, flowers, and good food and inviting our neighbors over for lunch.

We are asking local businesses to sponsor a week of food as a way of giving back to our Highway 378 community. In asking local businesses to help fill our table, we are getting to know our business neighbors and connecting them with the needs in our neighborhood. We have been overwhelmed by our neighbors generosity in helping give to our other neighbors in need.

We are so excited to announce that we already have two neighborhood partners for Emmanuel’s Table!