Easter Sunday

Our service from Easter Sunday!

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Maundy Thursday

Here’s our worship service from Maundy Thursday:

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Palm Sunday

Our service from Palm Sunday. Hosanna!

Soloist: Elena and Christina Pittman

Sermon Title: “Crowd Vision”

Sermon Text: Matthew 21:1-11

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April 6, 2014

This Sunday we looked at Romans 8:6-11 as we engaged what “Spirit Vision” would look like. We used Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead from John 11:1-45 to see through the eyes of the characters of the story and to see who saw through the eyes of the flesh and who saw through “Spirit Vision.”

We invite you to join in our worship by listening to our service!

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March 30, 2014

Our service from March 30, 2014


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Sunday, March 16

Our service from March 16, the second Sunday in Lent.

Here’s a great poem we found related to the sermon passage this week as well:

A Story of Love

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son….” John 3:16

they found they could do what the gift-giver could do

gather round

I have a story to tell

of one who reached inside himself

and took a handful of love

like a pile of stardust

and said: this is for you

it is all you need

it is all you will ever need

there is enough here

to change the whole world

many laughed at him

mocked him

and ignored the invitation

but some dared to take it

and those who did

noticed something about this love

they could stand with the lost

welcome the traveler

eat with the hungry

take it



they found themselves doing what the man first did to them

give something of themselves to others

they became like the man

offering themselves

and as they offered themselves

others took the invitation

and many still do

and many still trust

it is enough to change the whole world.

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Service Saturday

IMG_0157       IMG_0158


IMG_0159On Saturday, we joined with Fair Bluff Baptist Church in two mission projects. We worked at Leaphart Place painting the office building, painting a room, and cleaning out the gutters and roof from the storms.

Another group went to Harvest Hope and to the Animal Shelter in Columbia to pick up trash, sticks and to weed their flower beds. The youth were an awesome help and were so excited to help. We were glad that we were able to work beside such enthusiastic workers.

After our morning service projects, we gathered at the church for a cookout, which Sam made authentic by grilling the burgers from the back of his truck. It was great to finish our Service Saturday with fellowship and get to know another church community. We look forward to partnering with Fair Bluff in the future!

photo (35)


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