Little Free Library

Little Free Library

We dedicated our second Little Free Library on Wednesday, October 29 as part of our Fall Festival at the Victorian Lakes Mobile Home Community. For us, this was an awesome event not only because some of the children in the community followed the books to the Little Free Library in order to start borrowing books, but also because it was months and months of planning.

After the dedication on Wednesday, some of us checked back in to discover that there were only 5 books left in the Little Free Library. After service, a group of us restocked from the books that we have been collecting and sorting. Since then, we have asked for donations from anyone who would like to give and have been overwhelmed with three boxes and two crates full of books. What a wonderful gift!

If you would like to give to our Little Free Library, so that we can continue to invest in two communities in need, we would be happy to meet you to pick up books or meet you at our church to collect books. Each time we give to our Little Free Libraries, we need at least a box for each location and we never know whether we are going to need to restock the shelves every week or every month.

Thank you for partnering with us to help our neighbors in need!


We’re from that Church, Right Over There

Fall festival

What a great time of food, fellowship, and fun with our neighbors at our Fall Festival last night! More powerful than anything was the time we spent getting to know the people who live so close to our church.

As we served food, painted faces, and played games we were able to share that we were from the church right over there and point to our church sign from the front lawn in front of the office at Victorian Lakes Mobile Home Community. It was powerful to literally point across the street to tell them where we were and who we were and why we were there.

It was powerful to say we were their neighbors and that we were so excited to come have Fall Festival with them. As we smiled and laughed and commented on their cute costumed kids, there was no question that we were having church.

We hope we’re going to be able to have church with many of them again real soon!

Fall Festival Fun


We never imagined that our work with Emmanuel’s Table would lead to a Fall Festival for the Victorian Lakes Mobile Home Community. Then, again we never imagined that Emmanuel’s Table would lead to 17 corporate and local sponsors who believed in helping their neighbors in need.

But it has.

As we prepare to put on a Fall Festival for the Victorian Lakes community, we are thankful to be a part of God’s work. One of the reasons we are called Emmanuel is because we believe God with us and God through us is part our mission. We believe taking that to other people and helping them see that God cares for them is truly a part of who we are. We also believe as Christ-followers it is our mission to help those in need around us and welcome them into our fellowship.

As we learn how to make balloon animals, craft ghosts, and how to run a cake walk, our prayer is that our neighbors will see God’s kingdom here on earth. We hope that our neighbors will see that there are people who care because there is God who cares for them.

Come and join us! 5-7 pm at the lawn in front of the Victorian Lakes Mobile Home Community on Sunset Blvd. We’d love for you to join this meaningful work!